It’s likely that we can all recall a time when someone else’s behaviour has affected our own. When someone is nervous we can often be nervous for them, although we hold it in & tell them not to worry. When someone’s happiness beams from their smile, we often find ourselves grinning along with them and, in the same way, when someone is upset we usually feel low too. Empathy. But is this the case with personalities? Do we reflect other people’s personality traits when we spend time with them? Go, grab a coffee & let’s catch up…




Those two words- ‘MENTAL HEALTH’. It’s simple, you either understand or you don’t. I think many would be surprised at the daily struggles that many of us actually go through- obviously, to different extents. People usually describe this term with a long-list of illnesses that sound big and scary if you haven’t experienced or witnessed them first hand- depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, bulimia, anorexia. Correct- those diagnosis’ are within the ginormous umbrella of ‘mental health’- but so are stress, nerves, agitation and insomnia. How many of you can say you have never felt those emotions? (Which are completely NATURAL and INNATE tendencies may I add.) We see it campaigned all over social media, in the news and even in political debates and manifestos. It is now common knowledge that we all have mental health and it is important to care for it- with equal passion many have when working out every day- although this sometimes gets pushed to one side whilst juggling the one-million-and-one things we know we need to do (and have probably already put off for at least a week!).



It was always one of the questions asked at school. “Who is your role model?” or “Tell me about someone who you look up to”. Back then, it pains me to admit I looked purely at the materialistic things. For a short while I thought happiness came part and parcel with money or being ‘pretty’. I’d say something like ‘the Kardashians’ or the edited, picture of unrealistic perfection I had seen on the most popular music video that week- despite being surrounded by real, powerful women 24/7. It’s true when people say you don’t see what is right in front of you and that goes for everything. The women in my family have achieved things many of us could only dream of- from travelling alone across the USA & meeting people they otherwise would never of crossed paths with or devoting their time in helping children going through struggles we usually only hear about sat on our sofa watching Netflix. Now, without a doubt, my role models are the people that have raised me. They are true inspirations and I have some of their DNA- that sets me in good stead, right?